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A Translation of Symbolism Concerning Heaven & Earth


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In ancient times the astronomical priesthood's of many civilisations after studying heaven and earth divided the earth into 360 days giving rise to 360 degrees in a circle which was then used to divide the heavens into 360 degrees a further division divided heaven and earth into twelve 30 degree segments twelve star signs and twelve months, heaven into a 18 degree band around the ecliptic of which the sun moon and the wondering stars (planets) all moved this became known as the zodiac, the earth divided into twelve corresponding 30 day months when the sun moon or wondering stars entered and left a star sign in heaven they also entered and left a month on earth. A common mistake in trying to understand ancient symbols and sacred geometry is trying to understand them with the beliefs that are held today and not the beliefs that were held at the time that led to their creation it is no longer believed there are 360 days in a year and its difficult understanding the correlation between the star signs and months, in today's calendar the sun moon and planets enter and leave months around the 21st, the calendar on earth is no longer in line with the calendar in heaven. Pope Gregory realised this at a time when the calendar was more than nine days out of alignment it was of importance to keep the yearly celebrations accurate he introduced the Gregorian calendar replacing the old calendar by moving the calendar about two weeks forward so that the 1st, of January fell on the winter equinox and not two week later as with the old calendar as above so below was restored. All literature just after this time on the zodiac shows the star signs and months in alinement, due to precession the calendar today is about nine days out. The twelve ages the division of a 24000 year cycle into twelve 2000 year ages when a particular star sign rises with the sun for 2000 year's on the spring equinox. Unfortunately pope Gregory when he realigned the yearly calendar didn't realign the ages so today we have two ages of Aries and not one of Aries leading into Pisces the age of Pisces was replaced with a second age of Aries resulting in 4000 years of the star sign Aries. All those basing their star sign on charts depicting the sun entering the star sign Aries on the spring equinox are not the star sign they think they are, in fact the sun enters Pisces on the spring equinox unless the age of Aquarius has already started and started about 67 years ago, for one day, on the spring equinox Aquarius will rise with the sun for the remainder of the 29 days of the month of April the sun will be in Pisces and on the first day of May.The sun takes about 67 years to move 1 degree = one day.

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A woodcut from the fifteen century depicting the paschal lamb on the face of the sun symbolising the sun in Aries.When the sun entered the star sign Aries on the spring equinox the christian celebration of Easter took place, Easter being fixed to the day the sun enters the constellation of the Ram. The sun began to rise with Aries on the spring equinox in 2000 BC celebrated with the sacrifice of the lam by Abraham. 2000 years ago at the beginning of Christianity the sun no longer rose with Aries on the spring equinox it began to rise with Pisces this age only lasted for about 300 years then replaced by the age Aries by the Romans when they took over the religion, replaced the fish with the cross and reinstated the symbol of the lamb from the previous age.

Precession of the Equinox's

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The axis of the earth is tilted by twenty three and a half degrees to the axis of the ecliptic the attractions primarily of the Sun and Moon cause the earths axis of rotation to slowly rotate around the axis of the ecliptic, as the pole of rotation moves the earths equator moves relative to the ecliptic the point of intersection of these two circles ( the equinox ) move along the ecliptic through the twelve Age’s. Relating the last four Ages to Christianity, 2000 years ago the arrival of Jesus at the beginning of the Age Pisces the fish, 4000 years ago the beginning of the sacrifice of the lam by Abraham and suppression of the old bull worship at the beginning of the Age Aries the ram and the end of the Age Taurus the bull that began 2000 years earlier 2000 years before this the beginning of the Age Gemini the twins, Adam and Eve.This is as far back through the Ages that Christian symbolism goes its a Christian belief  that the earth was created 6000 years ago at the time of Jesus.

Cross and Circle

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The cross and circle is an ancient symbol that existed well before being Christianise'd. The crosses depicted above can be found in Wales Scotland and Ireland, there are many much older than 2000 years regarded as ancient sacred standing stones the cross and circle being associated with the sun. Once the calendar has been realigned and the star signs correspond to the months it becomes easier to understand how the cross and circle developed into a sun symbol when the solstice and equinox formed a cross.

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