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A Translation of Symbolism Concerning Heaven & Earth


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The Pyramid

pid theodolite

The pyramid as well as being a burial chamber it served as a theodolite which enabled observations to be made of the pole stars, during a 24000 year cycle several stars would align with the lower shaft, the main two stars being Polaris and Vega because it was believed they alternate between each other every 12000 years. If ever there was an attempt to build a theodolite that could survive for thousands of years this has to be it.


The Theodolite an instrument for measuring horizontal and vertical angles and can be used for astronomical purposes employed for observing the altitude of the sun moon stars and planets above the horizon, in particular there exact position in any given zodiac sign. The zodiac today is out of alignment by one age and gives a false indication of which star sign anyone may be. An easy way to determine which star sign the sun was in on your birthday is at twelve midday on your birthday align a tube an inch or two in diameter two or three feet long directly at the sun do not look directly through the tube with the naked eye at the sun this may cause blindness hold a piece of paper two or three inches from the end of the tube adjust the tube so the sun shines down it onto the piece of paper then fix the tube in position, at twelve midnight look along the tube at the night sky you should be able to determine what star sign the tube is pointing at, the sun will be in the exact opposite star sign to this on your birthday. The Pyramid is a fixed theodolite with the lower shaft at an angle parallel with the earth’s axis of rotation whatever the earth’s axis is pointing at in the heavens the lower shaft of the Pyramid on earth will also be pointing at

The Vesica

VP Vesica-2

Fig:1 ST Genevieve, or Genovefa, virgin, chief patroness of the city of Paris. Fig:2. Vesica incorporating the twelve star signs or possibly the twelve ages. Fig:3 Phoenician sarcophagus found in 1887 at Sidon, dates back to 400 ‘BC’ Half vesica shaped lid. Fig: 4.Carved stonework that adorns many churches and abbey’s Fig:5. The oldest Christian church built in Ireland dating from the eighth century,the best-preserved example to be seen today, half vesica shaped. Fig:6. Wax seal used by many churches and abbey’s. Fig:7 The seal of Margaret, queen of Edward the first.Fig:8. Vesica shaped pendent found at Shanidar, Iraq 9500 ‘BC’. Believed to be the oldest known man made metal object.



stone henge -1

Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain is perfectly positioned 51 degrees above the equator to measure the summer and winter solstice’s of the Ages every 12000 years. At the moment the earths axis of rotation is pointing at Polaris which is 51 degrees above the horizon. Polaris and Vega are 51 degrees apart, which makes Vega at its lowest position very close to the horizon, there are two stones at Stonehenge that aline with Vega when this event takes place, 12000 years ago it would have been Polaris aliening with these stones, 12000 years from now Polaris will again align with these stones. Every 12000 years Polaris and Vega alternate between each other in a 24000 year cycle of the Ages. Sides of the Pyramid 51 degrees, Polaris and Vega 51 degrees apart, Stonehenge 51 degrees above the equator, Polaris 51 degrees above the horizon when seen from Stonehenge.   

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